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Experienced Professionals and Project Leaders.

Developing mixed-use projects is often one of the most challenging types of projects to deliver.  They often require navigating a diverse and complex set of stakeholders in state and local governments, project team members, end users, investors, and neighbors each of which has their own wants and needs.  Our team is skilled at navigating and managing the process and balancing the needs of all stakeholders resulting in a successful project for everyone in the end.

Our Mixed-Use Team Offers:

-  Experienced professionals and project leaders

-  Experience with complex projects

-  Strong relationships with key stakeholders

-  Collaborative approach with all project stakeholders

-  Rigorous underwriting and project management

-  End to end support and services

Featured Projects

Front & Fulton

Stage Capital Partners acquired the property in 2018 and has been working on redeveloping the property, in collaboration with McCabe Companies, into a mixed-use project that will become a destination for anyone visiting the Columbus region.

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